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The green alga Chlorella, also known as chlorella, is a fresh water single-celled plant that has lived on the earth for more than 3 billion years.

Chlorella is not only a healthy food for humans, but also can be used for preventive medicine and therapeutic medicine. In addition, it is used in the food industry, animal feed and cosmic food, and its future is unlimited. There are about 6 billion people on the planet. After 30 years, it may exceed 10 billion. Humans will have problems with their food, clothing, housing, etc. If the problem is more serious after 100 years, . The world ’s population is now 6 billion, and several countries are already suffering from famine, and have to rely on the assistance of other countries. If it reaches 10 billion, the food problem for mankind will surely become more profound. To this end, scientists from all over the world hope that the green algae can contain high protein and other essential nutrients, and can be quickly decomposed into four by using photosynthesis of solar energy to solve human food problems. Poultry feed, so in the future, humans must not rely on green algae to maintain their survival. In other words, green algae are the savior of human beings.

1. How to solve acidic constitution?
To solve acidic physique, we must first solve the problem of diet balance. (Diet balance includes two aspects: first, nutrition should be balanced, avoid big fish and big meat; second, diet should be quantitative, avoid overeating.); Second, to achieve psychological balance; third, to exercise properly, to combine work and rest ; In addition, we must properly supplement alkaline algae such as green algae.

2. Why can green algae improve acidic constitution?
Chlorella is the freshwater single-celled algae plant with the highest alkaline production in the world. It changes the body's acidic constitution through the following three aspects:

  1. The extremely high protein and mineral content of green algae form an excellent acid-base buffer pair in the blood, effectively regulating the acid-base balance in the body.
  2. Chlorella can strengthen the kidney's acid and alkali preservation function, and change the acidic constitution of the human body.
  3. Chlorella can also strengthen the function of the lungs, effectively eliminate carbon dioxide, and change the acidic constitution.

3. The alkaline production of green algae is the highest. What does this indicate?
The amount of alkaline production is the total amount of alkaline substances produced by plants in the process of catabolism, and it is a standard to measure the content of alkaline substances in plants. The alkaline production of green algae is the highest in the plant kingdom, 6-8 times that of spirulina, 30 times that of ordinary vegetables, and n times that of apples. Can quickly change the acidic physique to a healthy weak alkaline physique.

4. What elements does green algae contain? What does it do?
Chlorella contains iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iodine and other elements. It produces a large amount of alkali storage in the body, neutralizes the acid generated by the body metabolism, keeps the body fluid between PH7.35 and 7.45, and the internal environment is weakly alkaline, which helps to improve immune function, balance and regulate endocrine, and give full play to The role of enzymes promotes metabolism and eliminates harmful substances.

5. What ingredients does green algae contain?
Green algae contains protein (60%), carbohydrates (20%), chlorophyll (5%), 6 kinds of minerals, 11 kinds of vitamins, cellulose and the unique composition of green algae C.G.F. (green algae cell growth promoting factor) and so on.

6. Chlorella can stop bleeding, itching and pain. Why some doctors use it as the most ideal auxiliary material to promote wound healing after surgery?
The unique composition of green algae C.G.F. (green algae cell growth promoting factor) can promote the shortening of wound healing time. At the same time, 60% of the protein components in green algae can also function to repair tissues and organs.

7. What kind of algae is green algae?
Chlorella is a single-cell, small, solitary, or clustered freshwater algal plant that lived on Earth 3.1 billion years ago. Its cells need to be visible under a 600x microscope. Rich in various nutrients necessary for human body, it is now widely used in medicine, beauty, health care, food, etc.

8. Why is green algae a boon for human health?
Green algae are rich in nutrients, and the seven major nutrients required by humans are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, water, and cellulose. Algae have almost all of them. Its protein content is as high as 60%, rich in natural green algae C.G.F., vitamins, cellulose, minerals, etc. are very beneficial substances to the human body, the nutritional value of green algae is unparalleled. Experts point out that green algae is a natural, balanced and completely concentrated food, with comprehensive health care functions, and is a good nutritional supplement for the human body.

Among the nutrients of green algae, C.G.F. is considered to be the most beneficial ingredient in green algae, which can improve the normal cell regeneration ability by more than 25%, and has special significance for life and health.

9. What is the international assessment of green algae?
The World Health Organization calls green algae "the best food of the 21st century". Green algae is highly respected in Japan and developed countries in Europe and America, ranking first in the Japanese health food sales rankings for 20 consecutive years.

10. How does green algae improve hypertension?
There are several causes of high blood pressure: one is genetic factors; the other is that there are too many chloride ions in the body, and excessive chloride ions increase the angiotensinase in the body, which promotes the conversion of angiotensin Ⅰ to angiotensin Ⅱ, causing vasoconstriction Plexus causes hypertension; third is due to high blood lipids, which hardens the blood vessels and narrows the lumen of the blood vessels, which causes hypertension. The chloride ions and blood lipids are acidic substances in the body, therefore, high blood pressure and acidic constitution are closely related. Acidic constitution is easy to cause hypertension, mainly because the endothelial cells of blood vessels are easily damaged after acidification of the constitution, and the lipid metabolism in the body is disordered, and various lipid substances are easy to accumulate on the blood vessels, causing the lumen of the blood vessels to narrow, resulting in increased blood pressure high. The production of high-alkaline green algae can change the acidic constitution of the human body. The C.G.F component of green algae can effectively repair damaged vascular endothelial cells. It contains SOD, vitamin E and other antioxidant substances, which can reduce the accumulation of lipid substances. Therefore, green algae can effectively improve hypertension.

11. Why can green algae effectively improve hyperlipidemia?
The acidification of the body easily leads to the disorder of lipid metabolism in the plasma. The alkaline substance components of the green algae form acid-base buffer pairs in the blood, which effectively prevents the production of acidic substances fatty acids, cholesterol and low-density lipoproteins, etc. Symptoms of elevated blood lipids.

12. What is the mechanism of Chlorella to improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases?
Chlorella's alkaline substances form a buffer pair with the body's acidic substances, maintain the body's acid-base balance, regulate the disorder of lipid metabolism in the blood, reduce the accumulation of acidic substances in blood vessels, and stabilize blood pressure, maintain smooth blood circulation and stable blood pressure Plexus and improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

13. Why can green algae improve the immune function of the human body?
The acidification of the physique will cause the activity of the body's immune cells to decrease, and the clumps will cause the body's immune function to be poor. Chlorella is rich in all kinds of nutrients needed by the human body and comprehensively regulates the body's metabolism. A large amount of alkaline substances balance the body's pH and promote the activity of immune cells. Green algae's energy for promoting health is fully released, and balanced nutrients provide a good material basis for regulating immune function. Chlorella's unique CGF (green algae cell growth promoting factor) can induce the production of interferon, and can also stimulate the immune central organ thymus to produce a large number of T cells and B cells, used to kill bacteria and viruses, and can also increase macrophages. Engulfing ability. Therefore, green algae can improve the body's disease resistance, enhance physical fitness, reduce colds, and change the susceptibility to disease.

14. Why does green algae improve the gastrointestinal tract?
The main cause of gastric disease is excessive gastric acid, and the PH value of gastric juice drops sharply. The alkaline substances in green algae can not only neutralize too much stomach acid and increase the PH value of gastric juice, but also form a viscous solution in the stomach under the action of stomach acid and form a protective film on the gastric mucosa, which has a good effect on gastric diseases. help. In addition, Chlorella's unique CGF (green algae cell growth promoting factor) has the effect of repairing the damaged gastric mucosa, and at the same time can increase the exponential growth of intestinal beneficial bacteria (lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria), improve the intestinal environment, reduce Gastrointestinal inflammation, constipation and other gastrointestinal diseases.

15. Why does green algae help to improve sleep?
Sleep is achieved by the central nervous system controlling the balance of the pleasure and inhibition process of the human cerebral cortex. If a person's central nervous system is dysfunctional, causing the cerebral cortex to be unhappy and inhibit the process of imbalance, it will affect the person's sleep. By adjusting the acid-base balance of the human body, green algae can prevent the central nervous system dysfunction caused by the destruction of the acid-base balance in the body caused by mental factors such as work, study and life stress, or physiological factors such as aging and physical weakness. Therefore, green algae can help improve sleep.

16. Why can green algae improve migraine and tinnitus?
Chlorella can reduce acidic substances in the body, improve human blood circulation, and increase blood oxygen flux in the brain, so it can improve headaches and tinnitus.

17. Chlorella can improve the frequency of urinary urgency
Frequent urination due to urinary urgency is mainly due to the low pH value of urine caused by acidic physique, constantly stimulating the urethra and causing the urethra to contract continuously. And green algae can improve acidic constitution and adjust the PH value of urine, so green algae can improve urinary frequency and urgency.

18. What is the mechanism of action of green algae to prevent and improve senile osteoporosis?
Because elderly osteoporosis is mainly caused by acidic constitution, green algae can improve acidic constitution, so green algae can prevent and improve elderly osteoporosis. The main mechanism is that green algae improves the acidic environment in the body, keeps the body fluids weakly alkaline, is beneficial to the absorption of calcium, and prevents the loss of calcium. If the elderly do not improve their acidic physique and blindly supplement calcium, the supplement will become worse and worse, and excess calcium will form stones in the body.

19. Why do green algae promote calcium absorption and strengthen the effect of calcium supplementation?
Calcium supplementation is mainly to eat foods rich in calcium. Calcium supplementation is best carried out under weak alkaline conditions, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium, not easy to lose. Green algae is the plant with the highest alkaline production. Not only can it change the acidic constitution to weakly alkaline constitution, but also contains vitamin D which can promote the absorption of calcium. Therefore, it can also strengthen the effect of calcium supplementation.

20. What is the mechanism of action of green algae to suppress cancer?
Chlorella improves acidic constitution to suppress and assist cancer treatment. Because cancer cells should survive in a weakly acidic environment with a pH of 6.85-6.95, and the toxins produced by cancer cells are also acidic. Chlorella can maintain the human PH value between 7.35 and 7.45, so it can improve the acidic environment in the body, increase the PH value of body fluids, eradicate the living environment of cancer cells, and play a role in inhibiting cancer cells. Chlorella can also prevent cancer cells from metastasizing, reducing the side effects of cancer cells producing toxins. On the other hand, green algae enhances the killing effect on cancer cells by increasing the activity of immune cells and the body's resistance.

21. Why can green algae inhibit cancer cell metastasis?
Cancer cell metastasis must be carried out under acidic conditions with the blood vessel wall followed by molecular binding. Chlorella improves acidic conditions, making it difficult for cancer cells to bind to molecules on the walls of blood vessels. In addition, the ability of green algae to bind to the adhesion molecules of the blood vessel wall is stronger than that of cancer cells. It can preemptively bind to the adhesion molecules of the blood vessel wall to block the path of cancer cell metastasis, so green algae can inhibit cancer cell metastasis.

22. How to supplement green algae during radiotherapy and chemotherapy?
During chemoradiation, it kills cancer cells as well as normal cells. It uses the time difference between normal cells and cancer cells to recover. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy have many side effects, which will reduce the body's immunity. Therefore, when radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be combined with treatment, taking larger doses of green algae, such as 10 to 15 tablets each morning and evening, helps to enhance the therapeutic effect, and can reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The mechanism is that green algae can quickly repair the immune Cells to improve the body's immune function.

23. Does green algae have the effect of detoxification and detoxification?
Chlorophyte's unique three-layer structure of coarse fiber cell walls, these coarse fibers form a fine structure, so that heavy metals, toxins and other harmful substances molecules are attached to it. Eliminate the cause of cleanliness. According to expert tests, green algae is several times stronger than aloe's detoxification function; green algae nucleotides and C.G.F. can strengthen red blood cells and have a detoxifying effect.

24. What are the factors related to gout, which medicines are commonly used, and why does green algae help gout?
The occurrence of gout is mainly related to hyperuricemia in the body. The causes of increased uric acid mainly include the following three aspects:

  1. Excessive production of uric acid in the body;
  2. renal insufficiency, renal excretion of uric acid decreases;
  3. Both increase production and decrease excretion. At present, the commonly used drugs for treating gout include: colchicine, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, probenecid, sulfinpyrazone, benzbromarone, acitide, allopurinol, etc. The alkaline substance in green algae can neutralize the uric acid in the body and reduce the blood uric acid concentration, so it can help gout.

25. What factors are related to urinary stones and kidney stones, and how can green algae be improved?

The formation of urine stones and kidney stones is related to the following four factors:
  1. Increased excretion of urine liquid crystal substances (such as hypercalciuria, hyperoxaluria, hyperuricuria, homocystinuria, xanthineuria, etc.);
  2. Changes in other components in the urine have an impact on the formation of stones. For example, a lower urine pH value is beneficial to the formation of uric acid stones and cystine stones. A urine pH value ≥6.6 is beneficial to the formation of calcium phosphate stones PH value ≥7.2 Conducive to the formation of ammonium magnesium phosphate stones, in addition, reduced urine output, reduced magnesium ions, reduced citric acid and citric acid, etc. are easy to form stones;
  3. Urinary tract infections, persistent or repeated urinary tract infections can cause infectious stones;
  4. diet and drugs, long-term drinking hard water, taking triamcinol and sulfonamide acetate and other drugs.

Method of improvement:

  1. Taking green algae to maintain the acid-base balance in the body to ensure that the urine pH value and urine composition are normal;
  2. Drink more water, and drink 2 liters per day;
  3. It is not to take drugs indiscriminately.

26. Can children under 15 years old take Chlorella?
Children under 15 years old can also take Chlorella, especially obese children and children with poor health. By taking Chlorella, it can also comprehensively improve the phenomenon of memory loss and inattention due to physical acidification caused by partial eating and picky eating, and improve children's learning efficiency and intellectual development.

27. Can green algae be combined with medicines and other health products?
Chlorella can be taken with any medicine and health food at the same time. Not only will it not cause any adverse reactions, but it will increase the efficacy of the drug and reduce the toxic and side effects of the drug on the liver and kidney.

28. Why does green algae respond better?
The improvement reaction, called dizziness in Chinese medicine, is the body's adaptive transition reaction when the disease is cured. In other words, it is a temporary response from the body after receiving a new stimulus and before fully adapting. Taking green algae has a full range of adjustment functions for the body, which can restore people who are in a sub-health or disease state to a healthy state. During the recovery process, the body's adaptive response will appear, which is the improvement reaction. It's like a cripple, accustomed to walking with two legs that are not the same length. If he is cured, he walks at first, but he doesn't get used to it.

29. How do I resolve constipation after taking Chlorella? why?
Constipation after taking green algae is a reaction that improves. The reason why constipation occurs is that the combination of alkaline substances and acidic substances in green algae increases the amount of stool, but the bowel movements cannot keep up. The solution is to eat more vegetables, fruits and other foods with a lot of crude fiber, increase intestinal motility, drink plenty of water, and adjust the amount and method of taking green algae to speed up detoxification in the body.

30. Why do I experience abdominal pain and diarrhea after taking Chlorella?
Under the action of green algae, the organs that were at rest or whose function gradually declined gradually restored their functions (such as peristalsis and contraction of the gastrointestinal tract), the number of bowel movements increased, and the transfer of toxins in the body also caused corresponding pain.

31. What are the significant health and medical effects of green algae?
(1). The acidic constitution is a weak alkaline constitution, which can treat gastric ulcer, diabetes, Hong Kong feet, gout and autonomic nervous disorder. (2) It has the ability to improve cell activity and anti-mutation, so it has the effect of resisting disease and cancer. (3) It has the special effect of activating brain cells and enhancing energy, and promoting the full play of human brain potential. (4). It has detoxification effect, and has obvious detoxification effect on cadmium poisoning and ABS poisoning. (5) C.G.F can make the genetic material DNA and RNA in the cell synthesize vigorously, and then improve the regeneration ability of the cell by more than 25%. (6). It has the effect of delaying aging and enhancing human immunity.

32. How to explain the phenomenon that blood pressure rises after taking algae for a few days?
Some hypertensive patients will experience an increase in blood pressure at the beginning of taking Chlorella, which is mainly due to a decrease in blood viscosity and accelerated blood flow.

33. Why can green algae extract prolong life?
Professor Takada's experiments in Japan prove that Chlorella can improve the normal cell regeneration ability by more than 25%, produce better quality cells, and play the role of anti-aging and prolonging life. The use of chlorella in the experiment can extend the lifespan of mice and other animals by about 1/3. Feeding bees with green algae concentrate can increase the life span of common bees from 35 days to 60 days, and extend the lifespan of bees by 70%.

34. Why is green algae the most ideal natural nutrition and health food?
The nutrients provided by clump of green algae (including protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, trace elements, etc.) can be found: green algae is the closest natural nutritional food to the human body. The algal production of green algae is 30 times that of vegetables, 5-6 times that of spirulina, and N times that of apples. This is of great significance for improving the acidic constitution and maintaining the human body's weak alkaline constitution.

35. Is there any evidence to prove that green algae has the effect of anti-aging and anti-aging and beauty skin?
Chlorella cell growth promoting factor can produce 4 new cells in just 20 hours. Professor Takada of the University of Tokyo in Japan has proved that C.G.F can increase the regenerative capacity of DNA in cells by more than 25%. It is the best motivation for humans to resist disease, delay aging, and maintain youth and vitality. Can activate cells, produce better quality cells, promote metabolism, strengthen tissue repair and improve physical fitness, anti-aging and anti-aging, beauty skin.

36. Is it necessary to take Chlorella for a long time? If there is no supplement, will blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar rebound?
If Chlorella can be taken for a long time, it can not only keep blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar stable, but also have good help for all aspects of the body. If you stop taking it, but pay attention to a balanced diet, proper exercise, reasonable medication and maintain an optimistic mood, you can still maintain the stability of blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood sugar. If you can't do this, you may still rebound.

37. Can green algae eliminate fatigue?
Chlorella has an excellent effect in eliminating fatigue. In the 46th year of the Showa period, Japan conducted a long-term comparative observation experiment on drivers taking green algae and those who did not take green algae. The result was that drivers taking green algae increased a lot in physical strength, grip strength, and back muscle strength, and they eliminated fatigue quickly. The operation efficiency is high, the ability to respond to external factors, judgment, and handling is also strengthened, and accidents can be reduced.

38. Can green algae eliminate sub-health?
Some people in life are between the state of health and disease, often feel the symptoms of general fatigue, dizziness, headache, chest tightness, shortness of breath and poor appetite, which is called sub-health state in medicine. Sub-healthy body constitutions are mostly acidic constitutions, and green algae are rich in alkaline substances, which can change people's acidic constitutions into weak alkaline constitutions (healthy constitutions). So green algae can eliminate sub-health status.

39. Why is green algae called "permanent bread" by science fiction?
Dr. Nakamura took Daphnia sphaerocephala and placed it in a cool place to dry, and then used a wooden board to grind it into a powder, and then grind it into a powder with a mortar. In this way, the starch can be taken, and then mixed with starch and water, which can be steamed into biscuit-shaped food. This is the best homemade bread. Some green algae are made into beans and salted to preserve. The salt used is crystalline white salt taken at the edge of the swamp in the desert. It can also be said to be natural salt taken now. As a result, this green The bread made by algae "beans" and Daphnia sphaerocephala has become the doctor's staple food. Dr. Nakamura's experimental life in the desert for three months relied on self-sufficiency, with 500 grams of green algae as the staple food daily. This is exactly the "permanent bread" described in the original Soviet science fiction.

40. Why is Chlorella effective in treating iron deficiency anemia?
The incidence of anemia in pregnant women is about 15%, and about 30-50% of them are iron-deficiency anemia. As the age of pregnant women increases, their incidence also increases. Anemia is not only harmful to the health of pregnant women The impact will also damage the health of the fetus. Dr. Sonoda supplies about ten grams of green algae to anemia pregnant women every day, and after three months of observation, the results are as follows: the number of red blood cells, total protein, calcium, potassium, and sodium in the blood are not very different. However, the amount of heme is higher than that of pregnant women who do not consume green algae, especially the iron content in the blood.

41. Can green algae prevent drunk?
Half an hour before drinking (especially on an empty stomach), taking 8-10 algae tablets can prevent alcohol damage to the gastric mucosa and liver, help the body accelerate the decomposition of alcohol, and increase the amount of alcohol accordingly.

42. What is a cell made of? What role does green algae play in cells?
The cell is composed of three parts: cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus. The unique component of green algae, C.G.F (green algae cell growth promoting factor), can increase the regenerative capacity of cells by more than 25%, and has a good effect on repairing damaged cells, improving immunity, promoting child development, and delaying aging.

43. What facts prove that green algae have amazing vitality?
The United States had conducted a large number of underwater explosion experiments on an isolated island in the Pacific Ocean. After the experiment, many creatures on this isolated island on the ocean died out. At that time, some people predicted that the island had become a dead island. Later, an investigator of full-body defense equipment landed. After investigating the situation on the island, it was found that there are many green algae in some swamps and low-lying areas on the island. Expeditions to the Sahara Desert also discovered green algae. Reports indicate that green algae have been found in glaciers or volcanic ash. Professor Tori Kurihara of Toby University in Japan experiment: put a half of water in a glass container and treat it as the earth, and put green algae, bacteria, some microorganisms of protozoa, spirulina (also known as cyanobacteria) in the container ) Wait, add a few drops of a certain poison, and then observe the container, only two or three bacteria and green algae remain, and the others are dead.

44. Why is green algae the savior of mankind?
Chlorella is not only a healthy food for humans, but also can be used for preventive medicine and therapeutic medicine. In addition, it is used in the food industry, animal feed and cosmic food, and its future is unlimited. There are about 6 billion people on the planet. After 30 years, it may exceed 10 billion. Humans will have problems with their food, clothing, housing, etc. If the problem is more serious after 100 years, . The world ’s population is now 6 billion, and several countries are already suffering from famine, and they have to rely on the assistance of other countries. If 10 billion is reached, humanity ’s food problems will inevitably become more profound. To this end, scientists from all over the world hope that the green algae can contain high protein and other essential nutrients, and can be quickly decomposed into four by using photosynthesis of solar energy to solve human food problems. Green algae can also be Poultry feed, so in the future, humans must not rely on green algae to maintain their survival. In other words, green algae are the savior of human beings.

45. How is the development and application of green algae in the world?
In Japan, more than 2,000 tons of green algae are consumed each year, and nearly 70% of the population are constantly using green algae products.

In the United States, green algae are known as "regulators for balancing physical health" and have been designated by the NASA as a special food for American space astronauts.

In Germany, during the Second World War, the government used food supplements for the army to improve the physical quality of the army soldiers, and doctors usually recommended patients to take green algae as a nutritional supplement, which is regarded as an effective adjuvant treatment to improve The efficacy of drugs.

In China, during the famine year of the early 1960s, extensive national cultivation of green algae was implemented to solve the food crisis of the time. At the same time, many patients with puffy swelling also received extraordinary effects after eating green algae. At present, sports health doctors recommend that athletes take green algae products, so that athletes can enhance physical fitness, strengthen and maintain the state of motor nerve happiness, in order to improve the level of sports competition. Experts believe that this is also an effective measure to prevent athletes from taking pleasure drugs.

46. ​​Why do modern people need green algae?
People in the twenty-first century have greatly improved and improved their technological and material levels. Our bodies are constantly suffering from these and other problems. The word "rich disease" has become a common vocabulary today. Under the severe pollution of people's unhealthy lifestyle and environment, our health is also under severe threat. Smoking, alcoholism, stressful work, studying and living environment, staying up late, eating supper, lack of exercise, as well as the exhaust of car exhaust and industrial sewage are constantly eroding our healthy body, causing our physique to gradually become easy Pathogenic acidic constitution. The health of the body requires pure, natural and nutrient-rich supplements such as green algae.

47. Will there be dependence after taking Chlorella?
Will long-term use of green algae form a strong alkaline physique? Taking green algae will not cause dependence. Long-term consumption of green algae will not form an alkaline physique. Because after long-term use of green algae, the alkaline substances in the green algae form acid-base buffer pairs with the acidic substances in the body during the metabolic process in the body, and are gradually excreted with the body's metabolism. Therefore, long-term use of green algae will not form a strong alkaline constitution, nor will it produce alkalosis, this is the characteristics of alkaloids.

48. Who needs edible green algae most?
Chlorella is the natural balanced alkaline nutrition food found closest to the human body. It can be said that it is suitable for people of all ages, but the following people need to eat it more:

  1. Children who have partial eating habits and do not like to eat vegetables;
  2. People who often eat acidic food such as seafood and meat;
  3. ladies with habitual constipation, menopause, long melasma;
  4. students who are busy coping with high school entrance examination and college entrance examination;
  5. White-collar workers and elites with super work pressure;
  6. Middle-aged and elderly people over 45 years old;
  7. Patients with various chronic diseases and sub-healthy people caused by acidic constitution.

49. Can everyone eat green algae?
Yes, green algae is 100% pure plant-based natural food, suitable for all people to eat, generally there is no age and gender restrictions. Chlorella is the most suitable green nutritious food for the whole family.

For middle-aged and elderly people, due to aging physiological functions, such as decreased sense of smell and taste, loose teeth, poor appetite and difficult chewing, resulting in insufficient intake of protein, vitamins, minerals and cellulose, plus gastrointestinal motility Slow down and easily produce constipation and other symptoms. Daily consumption of green algae can easily ingest green vegetables and solve the problem of chewing difficulty. The most obvious improvement of eating green algae is to stimulate the peristalsis of the intestine and make the gastrointestinal function normal. In addition, green algae are rich in iron, calcium, and vitamin B. The protein quality is also very good, which is very suitable for the elderly.

For pregnant women and children, the most vulnerable for pregnant women is folic acid, calcium, iron, vitamin A, B and other nutrients. The nutrients of green algae can supplement the nutrition that pregnant women lack, and the green algae contain CGF Promotion factor) is more suitable for pregnant women and children.

50. Is green algae the same as general multivitamins?
Chlorella is a natural food. In addition to vitamins and minerals, it also contains high-quality protein, the most susceptible cellulose in the diet, chlorophyll, and the special factor C.G.F. of chlorophyll. It has comprehensive and balanced nutrition. Most of the comprehensive vitamins are artificially synthesized and are not easy to be absorbed. Overdose can easily cause vitamin poisoning.

51. In addition to eating green algae, what kind of nutrients need to be supplemented to be complete?
No food in the world is a balanced nutritional food for humans (except breast milk for babies), but green algae is the most balanced natural nutritional food that is closest to the human body. Each 100g of green algae contains 60g of protein, 11g of fatty acids, 22.5g of carbohydrates and rich carotene, vitamin A, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, biotin, vitamin B group, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, zinc, phosphorus, Potassium, calcium, iodine and a unique magic substance CGF (green algae growth promoting factor). For a generally healthy adult, as long as they accurately consume a balanced diet and then consume green algae, that's all.

52. Are there any side effects of eating green algae? Will it hurt the stomach?
Chlorella is a natural food, not a medicine. If you eat more, it will only discharge excess nutrients through the body's normal metabolism. Even if you eat it before meals, it will not hurt the stomach.

53. Can people who are eating other healthy foods or Chinese and Western medicines also consume green algae?
Green algae is food, not medicine. If you are sick and taking Western medicine, you can eat green algae without special taboos. Green algae will not cause any rejection with other foods or medicines. On the contrary, the unique effect factor C.G.F of Chlorella can be taken in combination with the drug to enhance the efficacy of the drug, because the affinity of C.G.F with the human body can effectively guide the drug to the lesion of the human body and make the drug fully function.

54. Why is green algae the most ideal natural nutrition and health food?
The nutrients provided by green algae, including protein, fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc., can be found: "No food in the world is a balanced nutritional food for humans (except breast milk for babies), but green algae is Natural nutritious food closest to the human body balance. " The algal production of green algae is 30 times that of ordinary vegetables, 6 times that of spirulina, and N times that of apples. This is of great significance for improving the acidic constitution and maintaining the weak alkaline constitution of the human body. It is the most ideal natural nutrition and health food.

55. Why is green algae effective for many diseases of the body?
Green food is the most important food on earth. It is the source of food for many creatures and the basic element of human health and regeneration. If green plants stop growing, humans cannot survive, and green algae can be called the king of green food.

Chlorella can produce the oxygen that our body needs for breathing. It contains a variety of nutrients required by the human body. It is a non-polluting organic active green food that can supplement various nutrients required by the human body and enhance immunity. Compared with the same amount of green algae and daily foods, it can be found that the protein content of green algae is 2 times that of beef, 3 times that of chicken, iron content is 50 times that of raisins, 16 times that of pig liver, calcium content is milk The vitamin content is twice that of raisins, carotene is 100 times that of ordinary plants, and chlorophyll is 10 times that of ordinary plants. All medical scientists who advocate natural remedies believe that the first thing to restore the body to health is purification or detoxification, which can be said to be the core content of the entire natural remedy. The cell wall in green algae has the function of confirming poisons, and then excreted together with toxins, heavy metals and carcinogens, can purify the body. Medical research proves:

  1. The unique cell wall of green algae can be combined with heavy metals, pesticides and carcinogens to be excreted from the body.
  2. Chlorella is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and is a "scavenger" for preventing and curing arteriosclerosis. Chlorella can induce the body to produce a large amount of interferon, stimulate the body's own immune function, and devour the invading bacteria and viruses.

Acidic constitution is a physique susceptible to disease. Green algae can quickly change the body's acidic constitution to a healthy weak alkaline constitution.


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